Need Storage?

Average Storage Rates:

UnitSq. ft.CU. ft.PoundsResidenceRates
5′ x 5′252251250Sm. Walk-in Closet$79.00 month
5′ x 10′504502500Lg. Walk-in Closet$129.00 month
10′ x 10′10080050401 Br. Apt.$209.00 month
10′ x 15′150135075602 Br. Apt.$289.00 month
10′ x 20′2001800100003 Br. House$329.00 month
10′ x 25′2502250130003.5 Br. House$369.00 month
10′ x 30′3002700151204 Br. House$399.00 month
Clean, safe, secure facilities
Climate Controlled
Friendly, personal service

(The above table may be used for estimating a prospect’s storage space requirement. This is a general guide only and is based on the assumption that the average customer will not pack a unit as “tight” as a professional mover would. How much any unit holds depends directly on the type and amount of goods to be stored and the manner in which they are packed and stacked in the unit.)

  • square foot was determined by the length and width of each type unit
  • cubic foot was arrived at by multiplying square foot by 8′ (average height)
  • pounds were determined by multiplying 5.6 times cubic foot (movers use 7)