Is it time to move to London?

Moving to the capital is always a big decision for anyone and it is one that I am currently making. There is so much to consider and so much to plan.

London is a great place to be in terms of opportunity and work. There is plenty of money to be made. However the city life is not for all as it can get so crowded. For many people the thought of moving home is extremely overwhelming but with good planning and preparation this can be a relatively easy going task – London removals are really not as stressful as you may think and remember that office removals is not nearly going to be as expensive as moving your house.

Where are you going to move to? This sounds like a simple question but it is important to consider. London is such a wide area, you could find all sorts of pockets that you could call home. Good research is the key to finding a nice place to live in London and for me; North West London is a good place to start. The area is very up and coming. Plus, the rent is still cheap. Saving money on rent could be accomplished by living outside the central zones. Even living in Zone 5 and commuting in could save you heaps worth of money a month. It is equally important to check that you are living close to a tube station so if you are working in the centre of town you can get there will some ease.

So, with these point in mind it is worth having a little think about moving to London. It is important to sit down and think as to whether it is an important move for you and how can you get the most out of it?

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